About Us


I’m Alex, the creative head in the kitchen. Even as a young girl, healthy food was a passion for me. I always liked to cook and baked. Although I wanted to eat a healthy diet while avoiding sugar, nothing could stop me from trying cakes and desserts. After years of trying everything, I manage everything that I put in my head. For me, healthy nutrition is a cornerstone of my daily life, but for me it must not be missing the fun of eating. I therefore see it as my mission to combine healthy food and enjoyment.


I am Smith , the heart and face of our cafe in Texas. I love freedom. An experience that I would like to spread. Since tasting Keto for the first time in 2014, I was thrilled. Why live my single, precious life with “normal” energy levels, if I can live it with a constant, high level of energy and focus? And that also super healthy! The only problem: the challenge of organizing ketogenic nutrition. The solution to this drives me every day. For more and more people have significantly more control over their body, their lifestyle and their health.